Dr. A. W. “Bill” Smith
Certified Professional Coach, CPC


Dr. Smith combines experiences as a personal and professional coach, business executive and consultant, professor, author, professional speaker, researcher, corporate and nonprofit board member, senior military officer and religious and community leader.  He has received coaching, teaching and research awards from public and private universities professional associations, corporations, research centers, military commands and government agencies including NASA and DoD fellowships.  He has served on the consulting masters faculty at the Command & General Staff College and led seminars at the Army and National War Colleges. He developed and conducted leadership programs for the American Planning Assoc. around the United States and the American Management Assoc. in Latin America. He has led workshops for Federal and Texas executives including the Governor’s Executive Program. He received a Texas Governor’s Individual Award, NASA and DoD Achievement Awards and Army Excellence Award.  He served on the Greater Austin Chamber’s Education and Workforce Committee.  He has coached over two hundred business executives, entrepreneurs, graduate students, military officers, veterans and religious and community leaders.


Dr. Smith earned MBA and PhD degrees in business and strategic executive leadership from The University of Texas at Austin.  He has also earned special certification in coaching, creativity and innovation, nonprofit management and entrepreneurship.  He has a masters in international strategy and public policy from the Army War College. He has worked with  renown world scholars and leaders including Kenneth Boulding and Stephen Covey, recognized as two of the greatest minds of the 20th Century.

Dr. Smith has developed special instruments used by coaches, educators and organizations worldwide listed with the Educational Testing Service ETS and other prestigious centers. Some noted instruments include his Personality Profile, Present Position Profile, Vital Values Inventory, Leadership Sphere Profile, Leadership Environment Diagnostic, Creative Constructs, Risk Response, Power Teaming and Organization Identity Inventory.

Dr. Smith also provides clients access to a network of other life coaches, health and medical specialists, trainers, nutritionists, educators, psychologists, financial advisers and spiritual and religious leaders. These resources insure the latest thinking and quality value to clients.


Health, Movement, Wellbeing

To explore what clients want most in life, what gives their life special meaning, improve how they are living now and realize how significant their life can be​

  • To help everyone experience holistic, healthy living in every area of their life.
  • To help business executives develop leadership skills and strategies to be highly effective, successful and significant.​
  • To help groups share their thinking and experiences, concerns, interests and goals to reach better understanding, build community and improve lives.


Focused appropriate coaching provides continuing benefits that extend to every area of life and age and often show up with unexpected, added benefits. Improving physical health and well being often leads to improved mental, emotional and spiritual health and well being.  Changing old mindsets and  habits often opens up new possibilities and opportunities even coaches do not anticipate or expect. Coaches who look at the whole person and pursue holistic, healthy living approaches bridge and integrate all four intelligences. Each intelligence shows how well and wise we can lead our life and increase our overall life potential.


Who Needs A Life Coach?

Many people contact life coaches to get help in handling specific needs that require special attention and action – physical health challenges, stressful situations, work and career transitions, financial changes, relationship issues and questions about life’s purpose, spiritual meaning, beliefs and conscience.

We all face increasing demands and pressures in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual lives that compete for our time, attention and action. We are often overwhelmed  and cannot confide in a family member, friend or colleague about these very personal, private and sensitive matters. Coaches can provide impartial, objective and strictly confidential information and insights when they are critical and needed most for effective resolution and results.

The best people in all walks of life and cultures rely on coaches. This includes top athletes, professional executives, leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, scholars, employees and ordinary people who want to improve their skills, confidence and performance to reach their full potential and true excellence. This requires a personal commitment to work with a coach who can meet your specific needs, goals and target objectives to help you achieve your best results.


These proven benefits begin in early sessions and increase with additional coaching

  • Increased personal and professional confidence

  • Greater focus on specific goals and target objectives

  • Improved health, wellbeing and fitness

  • Reduced stress and improved relaxation and leisure time

  • Stronger relationships and communication skills

  • Reduced anxiety and fear of change

  • More efficient use of time, skills and resources

  • Improved work-life balance and integration

  • Greater peace of mind and service to community

  • Increased life purpose, meaning, value and happiness