Most people think of good health as a well functioning physical body. But good health also applies equally well with our mental, emotional and spiritual health and well being. It is easier to check out our physical health in tangible ways such as temperature and blood pressure. It is harder to check out and measure our mental, emotional and spiritual health without more information. We know that physical stress often leads to mental,emotional and spiritual stress. And the best coaching results from considering all aspects of our health together. Whelp clients identify what it means and takes to sustain overall good health and well being. We help them set goals and develop target objectives in an overall action plan which we call “holistic healthy living.”

Each area requires information, awareness, attention and action which we call intelligence. We explore physical body intelligence based on medical history,general health, strength, stamina and endurance, vitality, sex and intimacy,aging challenges and resilience and leisure activities and interests. All these aspects affect our physical health and quality of life.

Mental intelligence explores mental outlook and attitudes, education and training,work and career advancement, financial assets and resources, recognition and awards. All these aspects affect our mental health and quality of life.

Emotional intelligence explores social relationships, family ties and friendships,empathy and compassion, self-esteem and self-control, stability and maturity.All these aspects affect our emotional health and quality of life.

Spiritual intelligence explores higher purpose and calling, religious beliefs and practices, ethical conduct and conscience, service outreach to others and the common good and community. All these aspects affect our spiritual health and quality of life.

What percent of your daily activities are spent meeting your physical, mental,emotional and spiritual needs? How balanced is your life in all these areas? What areas do you need to consider more in your life? Find ways to integrate these areas to produce added benefits. You will find you can integrate these areas more than you realize. For example, I have discovered that while doing physical exercise I also can clear my mind of negative attitudes and stress, consider relationships and spiritual concerns I need to work on. This is becoming a habit that enriches my body, mind, heart, spirit and soul. You can do this too.