Emotional Intelligence (EI) is an essential part of becoming an admired person and respected leader. EI skills help us understand ourselves and others to create stronger personal and social relationships needed to be more productive and successful.This applies to all our interactions from family ties and friendships to extended groups, organizations and communities we participate in and work with. Leaders use EI skills to show empathy and compassion for others to gain their trust and influence and inspire them. EI helps us with self-awareness and self-esteem, self-confidence, self-regulation and self-control. We understand our true strengths and weaknesses and know when and how to act and react appropriately in every situation. We are motivated to face criticisms without being pessimistic and overly defensive.

A key part of EI training is learning how to “read people” and look for “win-win” opportunities.EI helps see who people really are to better interact, communicate and connect with them. EI helps reduce causes and sources of stress and depression to have a happier and healthier physical and emotional life. EI helps us maintain a healthy balance between ambition and realistic expectations. Many bright technical specialists discover that human qualities and EI skills are as important as mental abilities to help them advance in their work and careers. And it helps them show their humility with family and friends.

EI has been proven to improve one’s chance for success in academic, personal and professional areas. EQ is often arguably more important than IQ , mental intelligence, as an influence of success. Leading a successful life in a healthy way with a clear life-purpose certainly makes EI worth pursuing and realizing.